4K Video Downloader Full User Guide

How to Install/Uninstall 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader processes quite a simple way to get the software installed on Windows/Mac desktops with the easy-to-grasp setup process. You only require several easy clicks to get 4K Video Downloader installed.

Install 4K Video Downloader

STEP 1. Click on the provided download icon for downloading the correct installation package versio to your Windows/Mac.

STEP 2. Then, double click the installation package and go through the process to install the software following its instruction.

Install 4K Video Downloader

STEP 3. As you open the software after installation, a login window may pop up. For registered users, you are able to log in to your account and start using the downloader directly. If it is your first time to use 4K Video Downloader, feel free to try out the software enjoying the free trial.

Uninstall 4K Video Downloader

On Windows

If you desire to uninstall 4K Video Downloader on Windows, you need to turn to desktop and access the icon of the software. Then, right-click on it for selecting the “Uninstall” option. Simply follow the instruction and you are able to uninstall 4K Video Downloader from your Windows.


On Mac

Open Launcher and find 4K Video Downloader in the software list. After accessing the icon, long press on it and an “X” icon will then occur. Hit the icon for removing 4K Video Downloader to the Trash. Then, simply empty the trash and you can successfully uninstall 4K Video Downloader from Mac.

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